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About RetailWhizz Solutions Private Limited

RetailWhizz is a 25+ years (since 1997) old IT product and services organization, providing end-to-end ERP solutions to Retailers: 1,600+ client sites and 15,000+ user terminals across India (and a few abroad). Our main focus areas include: Food & Grocery, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Apparels and Pharmacy stores; across various formats: Supermarkets, Hypermarkets, Department Stores, Convenience stores and Specialty stores. Our dedicated and passionate team consists of 50+ staff members with strong domain knowledge, relevant industry experience, and expertise in new-age technology. We have learned about the retail domain from Shri S. C. Misra, our Guru / Mentor -a renowned retail management consultant; and by working closely with our esteemed Clients and various Associates/Partners and Advisors.


RetailWhizz: An ERP for “Automating Retail Business”

Mobility Solutions: Applications for HHTs and Smartphones

Tailor-made software and turn-key solutions

Database Administration (DBA) and Performance Tuning

Has proper Process / Work-flow, Security / Audit Controls and a Scalable Architecture; most suitable for “Enhancing Business”.

An Integrated ERP solution (including POS) based on ORACLE technology.

Managed, Enhanced & Supported by a dedicated team of 45+ engineers.

Project and Management Consultancy

Product Features

Front-office/(P.O.S.) related Operations

Back office operations

Head Office Operations

Inventory Management

Customer Schemes, Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Delivery Process

MIS Reports

Accounting & Taxation


Our Product

Core Ideology (Mission)

Core Purpose

“To deliver technology-enabled solutions, by Partnering with Customers and Associates, thereby impacting their lives significantly”

Core Values

Customer Focus: To provide “Value for Money” solutions to our Customers, aimed at Enhancing their Business.

Dependability: Commitment to deliver reliable service to our Customers at all times and maintain their Trust in us.

Flexibility: To be Adaptable to the ever-changing needs and emerging trends of the industry.

Problem-Solving Approach: To improve operational efficiency and scientific decision-making, of our Customers.

Passion: To serve and delight our Customers, with honor and dignity.

Envisioned Future (Vision)

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

“To be one of the most preferred companies by Retailers all over the world; with 100,000 stores who would be using our IT-enabled solutions, by 2040”

Vivid Description

RetailWhizz would be among the top companies listed as a “Great Place To Work”, due to our energetic environment. Our people would be enthusiastic and happy about their company.

Our Team-Strength would be of 1000 people (Staff & Associates), based out of various cities in India and abroad.

Our Annual turnover would have crossed 50 Million USD.

There would be many “RetailWhizz Support Groups” (managed by our clients / partners), who would be helping other retailers for their business-growth and bringing about a meaningful transformation in their lives.

We would have got awards and recognition from various associations and from the Govt. of India - for our remarkable contribution to the industry.

Meet Our Team

Vikas is one of the pioneers in developing ERP Solutions (Retail-Whizz) and Integrations. These ERP Solutions are used by more than 2,000 customers pan India, including Hyper-Markets, Super-Markets, chain of shops etc

about team
About the Team

RetailWhizz's competitive advantage is its in-depth knowledge in retail domain. We are an exceptional team with talented team members from varying and diverse backgrounds.

Our in-depth knowledge in retail domain, in large measure, accounts for our extraordinary performance.


Vikas Chopra

Managing Director

Qualification: B.E. Computers


Aditi Chopra


Qualification: Post Graduate in Commerce


Ramesh Sangani

Sr. Manager -Operations

Qualification: B Sc, PG in Computer Management from JBIMS.


Arun Kamble

Team Leader -TestingSoftware Engineer

Qualification: MA, CPSM [Certificate of Proficiency in Information Systems Management], Automation testing course from Seed InfoTech]
Number of Years of Experience: 15+ years
Areas of Expertise: QA & Testing


Dewoo Dalvi

Manager -Sales

Number of Years of Experience: 15+ years
Areas of Expertise: Support after Sales / Sales


Shashi Prakash

Project Manager

Areas of Expertise: Business Analysis, Retail Consultancy


Manish Srivastava

Project Manager

Qualification: MCA, MSc (Math’s)
Areas of Expertise: Retail Consultancy, Business Analysis & ERP Implementation

Anit Kumar Gouda

Anit Kumar Gouda

Senior Manager - Admin & Accounts

Qualification: B.Com.(Honours), M.B.A (Finance)
Area of Expertise - 10+ years of strong financial experience, accurately and ethically managing financial transactions, analysing financial data and generating financial reports.


Rakesh Kumar

Sr. Project Manager

Qualification: MCA, E-MBA, B. Sc. Honours in Physics
Number of Years of Experience: 20+ years


Prachi Shah

Team Lead - Development

Areas of Expertise: Designing and Developing Applications in Microsoft Technologies, Database Programing and Project Management.

Client Testimonials

“We partnered with RetailWhizz in 2007 when there were only 11 stores, and since then, we have witnessed remarkable growth, expanding our business to 32 branches, 1 warehouse, 1 DC, and a Head Office, while also venturing into the exports division, all on a cloud architecture. Additionally, we rely on RetailWhizz for our accounting needs, including GST return filing, and have seamlessly integrated third-party solutions to enhance our online sales through our website and mobile application. RetailWhizz has been instrumental in optimizing our store operations, streamlining inventory management, boosting sales, and providing invaluable insights with report for smarter decision making, its truly a game-changer!”
Mr. Bharat Patel
Mr. Bharat Patel
Patel Retail Pvt. Ltd.- Ambernath
“We find RetailWhizz to be a stable software solution that has helped to enhance our business. Our association with RetailWhizz is since 2008 when we had only one Kirana store, RetailWhizz gave us the confidence to grow from one store to a multi-location supermarket chain – their powerful ERP solution is essential for our success.”
Mr. Praveen Gada
Mr. Praveen Gada
Kirana Ghar - Kurla
“RetailWhizz is quite comprehensive, rich in features and functionality ERP solution. RetailWhizz as a company is also quite open and flexible in meeting our requirements for specific processes. Their responsive and knowledgeable support team consistently provides prompt assistance. They have a very good understanding of today's business requirements in Retail sector and are committed to enhance the software to cater to tomorrow's needs.”
Mr. Mukesh Patel
Mr. Mukesh Patel
Novelty Supermarket - Thane
Dhiraj Sons – “We've been using RetailWhizz ERP software since 2005 and have found it to be exceptionally comprehensive, rich in features, and highly functional. Choosing RetailWhizz over other contenders has proven to be a wise decision. Even after several years of installation, we continue to benefit from regular updates and proactive solutions that cater to our evolving needs. Our chain of 'Dhiraj Sons' stores, along with our Institutional/B2B Sales division and Head Office (including Centralized & Integrated Financial Accounting), Central Warehouse/Re-Packing Centre, are successfully running on RetailWhizz, making it an invaluable part of our operations.”
Mr. Ankur Modi
Mr. Ankur Modi
Dhiraj Sons - Gujarat
"RetailWhizz ERP solutions have been a game-changer for our business. Not only is it incredibly easy to use, but our entire staff has quickly adapted at utilizing its powerful functionality. The intuitive interface has made daily operations a breeze, from inventory management to sales tracking. RetailWhizz has not only simplified our processes but also improved our overall efficiency. It's been important in boosting our productivity and profitability. We're grateful for this remarkable software and the positive impact it's had on our business."
Mr. Hitesh Faria
Mr. Hitesh Faria
Kalwa Supermarket – Kalwa, Thane
“The decision to opt for RetailWhizz among many contenders has paid off well. We are using RetailWhizz at our all 4 stores and have performed exceptionally. Many other software providers approached us but failed to satisfy our requirements & were no match for the RetailWhizz. It is the most suitable software for a supermarket chain! It develops a retailer into a professional and inculcates management orientation.”
Mr. Ramesh Panchal
Mr. Ramesh Panchal
Town Bazar – Thane
"As a utensils retail shop, our partnership with RetailWhizz ERP solutions has been transformative. RetailWhizz has provided us with a comprehensive, user-friendly system that has optimized our inventory management, streamlined our operations, and improved our overall efficiency. The software's features and functionalities are tailored perfectly to our specific business needs, and their responsive support team ensures that any issues are promptly addressed. With RetailWhizz, we've not only enhanced our day-to-day operations but also gained valuable insights for better decision-making, making it an indispensable tool for our utensils business."
Mr. Pravin Jawkar
Mr. Pravin Jawkar
Parivar Bhandi - Hingoli
"As a retail management consultant, I understand the critical importance of efficient software solutions for retail businesses. I've personally chosen to implement RetailWhizz ERP solutions at our shop, and the results have been outstanding. RetailWhizz's comprehensive features, intuitive interface, and seamless functionality have significantly improved the store operations. This software not only simplifies inventory management and sales tracking but also provides with real-time insights and analytics that are invaluable. I confidently recommend RetailWhizz ERP solutions to everyone as I've experienced first-hand the positive impact it can have on a retail business."
Mr. Chetan Sangoi
Mr. Chetan Sangoi
Sarvodaya’s Supermarket - Dadar
"As a retail management consultant who operates a shop, I trust RetailWhizz ERP solutions to optimize my business. Its user-friendly interface and powerful features have significantly improved efficiency, while the real-time insights it offers are truly invaluable. RetailWhizz seamlessly addresses all the needs of a retail business, from inventory management to customer loyalty programs and secure data management. I wholeheartedly recommend RetailWhizz to fellow retailers and clients alike. It’s a solution completely to rely upon"
Mr. Pramod Sharma
Mr. Pramod Sharma
Apna Bhandar - Thane