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Automating Retail Business

About RetailWhizz Solutions Private Limited

RETAILWHIZZ is a 2-decade old IT Product and Services Organization, providing Software Solutions, DBA Services and Corporate Training to various Multi-National Companies, Private Enterprises, Govt. offices and Co-operatives.

RETAILWHIZZ specializes in providing RDBMS-based solutions, which are in-line with the latest trends in IT.


RetailWhizz: An ERP for “Automating Retail Business”

Mobility Solutions: Applications for HHTs and Smartphones

Tailor-made software and turn-key solutions

Database Administration (DBA) and Performance Tuning

Has proper Process / Work-flow, Security / Audit Controls and a Scalable Architecture; most suitable for “Enhancing Business”.

An Integrated ERP solution (including POS) based on ORACLE technology.

Managed, Enhanced & Supported by a dedicated team of 45+ engineers.

Project and Management Consultancy

Our Product

POS -Billing / Cashier Operations including Customer Schemes, Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Credit Sale & Wholesale to Parties / Own Franchisees

Data Retrieval, Queries, Reports, Business Intelligence and MIS

Systems Audit of all Cashier Operations (e.g. Item Void, Reprint, Price Override, Rate Change if allowed)

Handling of Inventory, Non-Inventory and Shop-in-Shop (SIS) SKUs.

Managing KOT & Billing cycle, for Dine-Ins, QSR or F&B Sections / Outlets.

Facility of Touch-Screen based POS & Swipe Card based Login.

Core Ideology (Mission)

Core Purpose

“To deliver technology-enabled solutions, by Partnering with Customers and Associates, thereby impacting their lives significantly”

Core Values

Customer Focus: To provide “Value for Money” solutions to our Customers, aimed at Enhancing their Business.

Dependability: Commitment to deliver reliable service to our Customers at all times and maintain their Trust in us.

Flexibility: To be Adaptable to the ever-changing needs and emerging trends of the industry.

Problem-Solving Approach: To improve operational efficiency and scientific decision-making, of our Customers.

Passion: To serve and delight our Customers, with honor and dignity.

Envisioned Future (Vision)

Big Hairy Audacious Goal

“To be one of the most preferred companies by Retailers all over the world; with 100,000 stores who would be using our IT-enabled solutions, by 2040”

Vivid Description

RetailWhizz would be among the top companies listed as a “Great Place To Work”, due to our energetic environment. Our people would be enthusiastic and happy about their company.

Our Team-Strength would be of 1000 people (Staff & Associates), based out of various cities in India and abroad.

Our Annual turnover would have crossed 50 Million USD.

There would be many “RetailWhizz Support Groups” (managed by our clients / partners), who would be helping other retailers for their business-growth and bringing about a meaningful transformation in their lives.

We would have got awards and recognition from various associations and from the Govt. of India - for our remarkable contribution to the industry.

Meet Our Team

Vikas is one of the pioneers in developing ERP Solutions (Retail-Whizz) and Integrations. These ERP Solutions are used by more than 2,000 customers pan India, including Hyper-Markets, Super-Markets, chain of shops etc

About the Team

RetailWhizz's competitive advantage is its in-depth knowledge in retail domain. We are an exceptional team with talented team members from varying and diverse backgrounds.

Our in-depth knowledge in retail domain, in large measure, accounts for our extraordinary performance.

Vikas Chopra

Managing Director

Qualification: B.E. Computers

Aditi Chopra


Qualification: Post Graduate in Commerce

Ramesh Sangani

Sr. Manager -Operations

Qualification: B Sc, PG in Computer Management from JBIMS.

Arun Kamble

Team Leader -TestingSoftware Engineer

Qualification: MA, CPSM [Certificate of Proficiency in Information Systems Management], Automation testing course from Seed InfoTech]
Number of Years of Experience: 15+ years
Areas of Expertise: QA & Testing

Dewoo Dalvi

Manager -Sales

Number of Years of Experience: 15+ years
Areas of Expertise: Support after Sales / Sales

Shashi Prakash

Project Manager

Areas of Expertise: Business Analysis, Retail Consultancy

Manish Srivastava

Project Manager

Qualification: MCA, MSc (Math’s)
Areas of Expertise: Retail Consultancy, Business Analysis & ERP Implementation


Implementation (Team Lead)

Qualification: DIPLOMA (NIIT), B SC (SCIENCE)
Areas of Expertise: Implementation (ERP-Retail Domain)

Rakesh Kumar

Sr. Project Manager

Qualification: MCA, E-MBA, B. Sc. Honours in Physics
Number of Years of Experience: 20+ years

Prachi Shah

Team Lead - Development

Areas of Expertise: Designing and Developing Applications in Microsoft Technologies, Database Programing and Project Management.

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