Front-office (P.O.S.) related Operations:

Customized Header, Footer and itemized detail content on the bill (Template based)

Proper Handling of products with multiple MRP / Rates, Expiry & Batches

Multiple Payment options (as needed)

Coupons/Vouchers– as needed (including Lucky draw coupons)

Online validation of Gift Vouchers / various Coupons

Handling Telephonic & Website-based Orders for Deliveries to Customers, identification stubs. Complete Call Centre based Home Delivery Solution.

Alerts for POS Billing without stock balance (since they allow this to happen for the benefit of customers /internal reasons).

Facility to hold a bill and make other bill(s)

Systems Audit of all cashier operations (e.g. item void, reprint, price override, if allowed).

Handling of Inventory, Non-Inventory and Shop-in-Shop (SIS) SKUs.

Facility of Touch-screen based POS & swipe card based login.

Managing KOT & Billing cycle, for Dine-Ins, QSR or F&B sections/outlets.

Cashier Paid In and Paid out (Sale of GVs, Home delivery collections, other receipts & payments) Cashier Hand-over / Declaration process. Auto reporting of cashier Excess/Shortage.

Sales Returns with Reason & Customer identification. There are 2 options for sales returns (Credit Note with Adjustment in Bill and Cash refund)

Customer Schemes, Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Customer tracking facility for CRM, with Email ID, mobile no., birth date, family add-on members, preferred shopping list.

Parameterized and Slab-based Scheme definitions for discounts (in % or in Rs.) or free/discounted product(s) or reward points (including multi-piece deep discounting).

Scheme Definitions, applicable at Bill-level, Item-level or Basket (Item-Group) level. Basket criteria can have include/exclude criteria based on various product attributes and slabs based on Qty, SKU count, UOM/Kg, Amount..

Scheme definitions, based on any criteria like: specific Customer type/group, specific manufacturer, category, brand, size, etc.

Option to levy additional service charges or bill all items at MRP, depending on Payment-Type, Product/group and Customer-type.

Member fixed-deposits and coupon information. (For e.g. pay Rs.10,000/- and get goods worth Rs.111/- free, every month).

Promotions can be defined based on From/To Date, From/To Time, Day of Month, Day of week, including/excluding specific store cluster/branch group.

Alert to Cashier in case he has not scanned the Free / Promo SKU once the scheme criteria is met. Suggestive Selling to encourage more purchase by customer to reach the Bill/Basket Amount / Qty / Kg.

Generation of Gift Vouchers or Lucky Draw Coupons based on Bill / basket criteria. Validation of Gift Vouchers in POS.

Customized Customer Loyalty Program (CLP) to calculate reward points based on different algorithms like: Cat-Type wise Amount Slab, Bill-wise slab.

The Customer Group/Card-Type (Silver/Gold/Diamond) can be dynamically changed based on his/her moving average monthly purchases over the last one year.

Yearly loyalty programs like: Buy 12 Garments in a year and get 1 free Or Reward points linked to YTD customer purchases.