Front-office/(P.O.S.) related Operations

Customized Header, Footer, and Itemized Detail Content :

Customizable bill templates allow retailers to brand their receipts with unique headers and footers. Itemized detail content provides a breakdown of products, prices, quantities, total amounts, etc.

Handling Multiple MRP/Rates, Expiry & Batches :

RetailWhizz handles products with different pricing, expiration dates, and batch numbers.

Multiple Payment Options :

Option of having various payment options, such as cash, credit/debit cards, UPI, etc.

Coupons/Vouchers :

RetailWhizz enables the use of coupons and vouchers, including lucky draw coupons. Integration with an online system to verify and validate gift vouchers and coupons.

Telephonic & Website-Based Orders :

RetailWhizz handles orders received via phone and various online platforms/e-commerce/Mobile application, etc.

Alerts for Low Stock :

Automatic alerts should notify when products are billed without sufficient stock.

Hold and Split Bills :

Ability to hold a bill and create multiple bills for the same order, if needed.

Systems Audit :

Logging and monitoring of all cashier operations, including voided items, reprints, and price overrides (if allowed).

Inventory Management :

Tracking of inventory for both inventory and non-inventory items, including items in shop-in-shop (SIS).

Touch-Screen POS & Swipe Card Login :

Support for touch-screen-based POS terminals and secure login using swipe cards.

Managing KOT & Billing Cycle :

Integration with kitchen order tickets (KOT) for dine-ins, quick-service restaurants (QSRs), and food & beverage outlets.

Cashier Operations :

Handling cashier functions like "Paid In" and "Paid Out" transactions, home delivery collections, and generating cashier hand-over reports. Automatic reporting of any cashier excess or shortage at the end of their shift.

Sales Returns :

Two options for handling sales returns: a. Credit Note with an adjustment in the bill. b. Cash refund to the customer.

Back office operations

Purchase Management :

• Helps retailers make crucial purchase decisions and monitor margins.
• Matches bill values sent by suppliers.
• Allows input and verification of sales rates, deals, etc., at the time of purchase.

Schemes, Discounts & Loyalty Program Management :

• Utilizes OTP-based Customer loyalty programs to boost customer retention and satisfaction.
• Offers advanced discount management with flexible customization at different levels.
• Manages free schemes and 250+ mix-and-match options efficiently.

Repackaging of Loose Products :

• Enhances inventory control and reduces waste by repackaging loose products.
• Improves the shopping experience for customers by offering hygiene, convenience, and precise purchasing quantity.

Consolidated MIS Reports :

• Provides comprehensive MIS reports for various departments and locations, aiding informed decision-making and strategic planning.
• Offers a detailed overview of key performance indicators, contributing to enhanced profitability.

Centralized Accounting & Taxation :

• Consolidates financial and GST related processes and data from all retail locations into a single, unified system.
• Streamlines and standardizes accounting practices for greater accuracy and efficiency in financial reporting, GST compliance, and auditing.
• Achieves cost savings, reduces errors, and gains better control over financial operations.

Product Rate Management :

• Offers an advanced Rate Master with features like multiple price lists, party-wise special rates, minimum rates, etc.
• Eliminates the need to remember rates during the billing process, ensuring accuracy and convenience for users.

Sales Price Determination :

• Maintains a centralized retail pricing system based on predefined Markup or Markdown definitions.
• Includes lower/upper limits and pricing flexibility for various categories, products, batches, periods, and customer groups.

Wholesale & Franchise Billing :

• Encompasses credit sales and customized invoice formats for efficient sales order processing and distribution logistics.
• Allows automatic transfer to the accounting system while maintaining party ledgers.
• Enables tracking of sales, customer outstanding, and monitoring of markup/margin for effective financial and operational control.

Inventory & Sales Management :

• Supports universal/company GS1 barcodes, custom product codes, and hot-keys.
• Efficient and flexible management of inventory and sales processes.
• Integrates with digital weighing machines for loose items and offers customized label design.

Head Office Operations

Decision Making :

• Offers complete retail management with branch, department, and vendor management.
• Includes pricing policies, customer schemes, and credit sales.
• Streamlines workflows, defines roles, and provides comprehensive analysis for informed decisions and optimized operations.

Master Data Management :

• Provides versatile functionalities for managing master data.
• Includes user creation, module permissions, inventory product mapping, sales-related setup, customer master, and taxation configurations.
• Ensures smooth operations and efficient control for retail businesses.

Centralized Transaction :

• Streamlines retail management with centralized purchase ordering.
• Efficiently manages stock allocation and seamless distribution.
• Features include MIS report consolidation, Inter-Branch Reconciliation, expense division, bank transactions, NEFT/RTGS uploads, and Journal Entries for robust financial management across branches.

Consolidate Reports :

• Offers comprehensive MIS Reports for unified insights across branches.
• Tracks sales, inventory, finances, and customer behaviour.
• Empowers informed decisions and helps identify growth opportunities through data analysis.

Inventory Management

Stock Control :

• Categorizes stock based on godown, shop-floor, bulk, and re-packed items.
• Tracks stock transfers and integrates them with the accounts.
• Supports automatic liability account or stock-holding account.

Stock Valuation :

• Provides valuation reports based on criteria like manufacturer, brand, category, etc., indicating opening and transaction-wise summaries for any given period.

Stock Tracking :

• Tracks stock product-wise and batch-wise for each department in a branch.

Stock Taking and Adjustment :

• Facilitates stocktaking with generation of variance reports and automatic passing of stock-adjustment entries after authorization.

Centralized Procurement and Distribution :

• Integrates procurement, warehouse management, and distribution for efficient stock management and logistics.

Inventory Maintenance :

• Online stock update and maintenance for all stock inward entries, and authorization locks the vouchers from being edited or cancelled.

Stock Issue :

• Issues stocks based on branch, logical department, SKU, and system-generated batch number.
• Utilizes FEFO (First Expiry First Out) and FIFO (First In First Out) principles.

Customer Schemes, Discounts and Loyalty Programs

Customer Tracking for CRM :

Maintain customer data like email IDs, mobile numbers, birthdates, and family members. Keep track of preferred shopping lists.

Scheme Definitions :

Create parameterized and slab-based schemes for discounts, free/discounted products, or reward points. Apply schemes at the bill, item, or basket (item-group) levels. Define criteria based on product attributes, quantity, SKU count, unit of measure, or amount. Tailor schemes for specific customer types, manufacturers, categories, brands, sizes, etc.

Service Charges and Pricing :

Option to add service charges or bill items at MRP based on payment type, product group, and customer type.

Member Fixed Deposits and Coupons:

Manage member fixed deposits and coupon information, offering goods or discounts based on specific deposit amounts.

Promotions and Alerts :

Define promotions based on date, time, day of the week, or store cluster/branch group. Alert cashiers to scan free/promo SKUs once scheme criteria are met. Suggest additional purchases to customers to meet specific bill/basket criteria.

Gift Vouchers and Coupons :

Generate gift vouchers or lucky draw coupons based on bill/basket criteria. Validate gift vouchers in the point of sale system.

Customer Loyalty Program (CLP) :

Customize loyalty programs with different algorithms, like category-type-wise amount slabs or bill-wise slabs. Dynamically adjust customer group/card type (e.g., Silver/Gold/Diamond) based on their moving average monthly purchases over the last year.

Yearly Loyalty Programs :

Implement yearly loyalty programs, such as "Buy 12 Garments in a year and get 1 free" or reward points linked to year-to-date customer purchases.

Delivery Process

Order Tracking through Phone Calls (Call Center Process) :

• RetailWhizz excels in order tracking through phone calls.
• Automates customer assignment and provides real-time order status for seamless communication.

Advance Sales Order-Booking :

• Streamlines retail operations with a user-friendly delivery process.
• Offers customizable slots, order priorities, and delivery charges for efficient order fulfillment and stock management.

Order Processing & Monitoring :

• Enables real-time order monitoring
• Automates pick-list generation with accurate order fulfillment.
• Provides seamless order management, allowing easy cancellation or rescheduling for streamlined operations and superior customer service.

Route Planning & Delivery :

• Efficiently forms trips with assigned orders, delivery personnel, and EDC (Electronic Data Capture) machines.
• Suggests change management for amounts over Rs. 1000 and captures start times pre-dispatch.
• Handles sale returns, cash reconciliation, and allows for order redistribution or trip cancellations.
• Streamlines delivery operations for retail businesses, ensuring efficient and organized deliveries.

MIS Reports

Branch wise Consolidated Reports :

• Crucial for multi-branch chain stores.
• Provides a unified view of sales, inventory, finances, and customer behaviour.
• Enables effective decision-making, streamlines operations, and fosters growth across the retail chain.

Business Margins & Losses Reports :

• Offers accurate profitability analysis for products.
• Identifies high-profit items, optimizing pricing, and managing inventory efficiently.
• Facilitates informed decisions on supplier negotiations and promotions for maximum profitability.

Important MIS Reports :

• Provides critical MIS reports including Daily Sales, Category-wise MIS, Top 'N' Products, Time slot wise Analysis, No Sales since 'N' days, No Stock since 'N' days, and Stock Audit.
• Enables informed decisions, optimizes inventory, identifies growth opportunities, and enhances operational efficiency, profitability, and overall success in the competitive retail market.

Accounting & Taxation

GST Compliances :

• Provides essential GST compliant modules for businesses to meet GST regulations.
• Offers features like invoice generation with GST details, automated GST return filing, reconciliation, input tax credit management, real-time data validation, GST audit support, and seamless integration with accounting software like Tally.
• Streamlines compliance and ensures accuracy in GST-related processes.

GST Reports :

• Provides crucial GST reports (GSTR1, GSTR3B, and Annual Returns) for efficient compliance with GST regulations.
• Enables accurate disclosure of supplies, calculation of tax liabilities, and comprehensive transaction disclosure.
• Streamlines GST filing, reducing risks, and enhancing financial operations for businesses.

Centralized Reports :

• Offers a centralized solution with automated transaction posting, branch consolidation, centralized controls, and security.
• Calculates GST, facilitates inter-branch reconciliation, and generates reports for better financial management.
• Streamlines operations and provides comprehensive insights for informed decision-making.

Automated TCS System (Tax Collection at Source) :

• Provides the Tax Collection at Source (TCS) feature for B2B businesses.
• Automates GST calculation and collection from B2B transactions, ensuring compliance with GST regulations and streamlining the filing process.
• Helps businesses save time, eliminate errors, and maintain financial accuracy.

Automated TDS System (Tax Deducted at Source) :

• Offers the TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) feature at the time of purchase.
• Automates tax deduction from vendor payments, ensuring compliance, reducing manual efforts, and enhancing financial accuracy for businesses.

E-way Bill :

• Simplifies the e-way bill generation process by seamlessly integrating with the GSTN e-way bill portal.
• Enables businesses to effortlessly create GST e-way bills, ensuring efficient and accurate e-way bill generation in alignment with GST compliances.

E-Invoicing :

• Offers E-Invoicing feature for automated digital invoice generation in compliance with government regulations.
• Streamlines the invoicing process, reduces errors, and improves efficiency for businesses.
• Essential for seamless, compliant invoicing and efficient cash flow management.


User Level Security :

• Each user has a unique username and password.
• Users can change their passwords as needed.

Application Level Security :

• Access to various modules is restricted based on user groups.
• Controls for querying, adding, modifying, and authorizing entries.

Location Level Security :

• Access control based on the central (HO) level and branch level.

Administration Level Security :

• System administrators handle database startup, day-begin/end, backups, user maintenance, recovery processes, and access assignment.

Authorization Facility :

• Provides authorization for various transactions.

Module Closure / Locking :

• Auditors can lock transactions of a particular type for any branch up to a specific date, preventing modifications.