Software Implementation

RetailWhizz collaborates with organizations to define implementation scope, configures the software according to needs, assists with existing data migration, integrates with existing systems, conducts rigorous testing, provides training and documentation, ensures smooth deployment, and offers ongoing support for successful software adoption and integration, streamlining operations and achieving business objectives.


RetailWhizz Software Solutions integrates with 3rd party E-Commerce Websites with Call Centre management and complete Home Delivery system. Integration of solution with various functionalities like accounting, GST filing, Customer Loyalty Program management, E-Invoicing & E-Way bill management, CRM with WhatsApp/SMS & Email Integration, and many more.

Project and Management consultancy

RetailWhizz offers Project and Management Consultancy services to optimize project planning, risk assessment, resource allocation, progress monitoring, quality assurance, stakeholder communication, change management, and post-implementation evaluation. Their expertise ensures smoother project execution, adherence to quality standards, effective stakeholder engagement, and successful project outcomes aligned with organizational objectives.

Software Training

Providing on-Site software operations training to newly on boarded customers and also to existing customers as and when required. Training maximizes software use, boosting productivity and standardizing workflows. Improved data management facilitates accurate reporting and informed decisions. Training ensures adaptability to changes and drives cost and time savings. Additionally, it enhances compliance and security, upholding data confidentiality for RetailWhizz.


RetailWhizz provides technical assistance through remote online aid, self-learning video tutorials, and on-site support, ensuring smooth software usage and issue resolution. User training and on-boarding are offered through on-site sessions, manuals, tutorials, and webinars, enhancing productivity and user satisfaction. Ensures timely bug fixes and patch releases to maintain software stability and security. RetailWhizz support is integral to enhancing functionality, stability, and usability, ensuring a positive user experience for individuals and organizations relying on their software solutions

Resource allocation

Providing dedicated resources for operational and functional support. It refers to the process of distributing available resources, including personnel, time, budget, and equipment, efficiently to achieve project goals. It involves identifying the specific needs of the project, assessing the skills and availability of team members, and assigning tasks and responsibilities accordingly. Effective resource allocation ensures that the right resources are assigned to the right tasks at the right time, optimizing productivity and achieving project objectives within defined constraints.